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Rachel McEwen
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Rachel McEwen

Problem Solver

Given that she missed year 3 because her parents pulled her out of school to live on a bus and drive around Australia for a year, Rachel was hardly ever going to be completely normal.

After graduating from UTS majoring in Typography (and sadly concluding that one could not make a living from pointing out people’s kerning and leading errors), Rachel realized that her only real skills were having insanely neat handwriting, a very loud voice, the ability to strike up conversations with strangers and enjoying running up and down stairs. Fortunately for her, these just happen to be essential skills for any Account Manager.

In 2015 Rachel was accepted into the Clemenger Group Graduate Program, and consequently went on to work on Foxtel, Visa and TAB and complete AWARD School before making the transition to team TKT in 2016.

Rachel enjoys Bullet Journalling, listening to podcasts, hanging with her dog Hombre, drinking amaretto sours, watching documentaries and drinking an insane amount of milk.