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Rob Dougan

Rob Dougan

Problem Hunter

Most people would disagree, but for Rob it was a stroke of luck that he was born in Adelaide.  In 1980 Adelaide was the only city in Australia with a humidicrib and to his Mum’s surprise Rob showed up 2 months early.  He was just a little guy at that point but he’s spent most of the rest of his life eating and getting bigger and bigger.  So much so that his nickname at high school was Lennie, of ‘Of Mice and Men’ fame.  In fact, the only time he’s stopped expanding was that one time on his gap year that he fell off a balcony and fractured both his heel bones, losing an inch in height.  Luckily he’s tall enough that it’s not a major drama.

After the miracle of making 30, Rob has spent most of his time to travelling around the place, and trying to make great advertising.  He started his career at DDB in the grad program where he was fortunate enough to go straight into Planning, avoiding the customary stint in Account Handling, another stroke of luck for Rob and any potential clients that might have had the misfortune of having him as their Account Manager.

Rob’s career has been equally split between Sydney and London, working on some of the biggest and most innovative brands in both markets.  In Sydney he’s done work for Tourism Australia, Gatorade, VW, Frucor, Clorox and Campbell Arnott’s amongst others.  In the UK he looked after O2, McLaren Automotive, easyJet, and Carling Lager.  Rob thinks most awards are a waste of valuable time and energy but he’s proud of some of his achievements like a Gold Effie for Integrated Campaigns on easyJet and a Marketing Society gong for McLaren.

Rob is also a fan of sports that involve sitting down.  In his younger years he was a pretty handy rower, then he enjoyed cycling and now he’s relaxing into his middle years by racing yachts on the weekend.