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Rob Harding Smith

Rob Harding-Smith

Problem Hunter

Rob is unashamedly a nerd.

A coffee blogger, numbers driven, politics junkie, Rob is not 100% sure how exactly he landed in advertising. But loves that he did.

Rob’s life can oddly be summed up by the two ends of Greenwich Road. Having grown up in Greenwich (the bottom of Greenwich Road). Rob travelled the world passing through 55 odd countries, getting an education, both an undergrad and masters and a whole 7 years later landed a job at Clemenger BBDO/TKT. Working at, the top of Greenwich Road.

Rob’s advertising career started at Clemenger BBDO Sydney as a graduate knowing little about the role and responsibilities of an ad agency. Today, as a data lover and brand planner Rob has embraced his naivety about the traditional role and responsibilities of what an ad agency should and shouldn’t do and instead enjoys addressing marketing challenges from an atypical space.

Rob has worked on a range of businesses during his time at Clemenger BBDO including Virgin Australia, Hungry Jack’s, Telstra, Yellow Tail and Visa. Now working at TKT, Rob sits across the Frucor portfolio of brands including V Energy, Ovi Hydration and Sparkling OH!