Shapes – Shapesons

Aussies know that Shapes are more than just your average biscuits, and when they thought we messed with their favourite flavours, they made it clear they weren’t happy about it. In 2017, Shapes needed to tell everyone that the complete range was back; classic Originals, new Flavour Hunters, healthier Light & Crispy and on-the-go multi packs. The genius of this delicious range is that there really is something for everyone, and what better way to show it than by creating a typical Shapes-loving Aussie family, the aptly-named Shapesons.

The campaign began with a hero spot to introduce the family members, and was followed by twelve additional spots showing a range of hilarious family moments shared over a box of Shapes. Three of the spots were tailored to The Voice, as Shapes was a sponsor of the show, which provided a perfect platform to announce the complete range.